Have you ever wondered about the specific legal paperwork you need to get married in Tuscany as a foreign citizen? While it’s not really the type of thing we want to spend our time thinking about just before our special day, it’s nevertheless crucial that you’ve got the most effective legal paperwork in place to get married in Tuscany without the hassle or stress – and fortunately, as a professional destination wedding planner, this is something I can help out with. 

So, to discover more about getting married in Tuscany and the relevant requirements and paperwork you will need, read on to discover more. Or, if you’re still feeling a little swamped, don’t be afraid to contact me today, and I’ll do my best to help you find an effective solution for your own paperwork needs.

The Legal Paperwork You Need to Get Married in Tuscany 

If you’ve been planning your dream wedding in Tuscany, there’s rarely been a better time to make a trip to the country! Indeed, Tuscany is truly a beautiful region with breathtaking sights and a rich, diverse culture; what’s more, following new laws passed in May 2016, it’s now legal for both straight and same-sex couples to get married in Italy! As such, more and more people are taking the leap and getting married in this stunning region – but there’s one thing that’s going to hold you back before you can, and that’s the legal paperwork needed to get married in Tuscany.

Now, none of us like filling out paperwork; it’s only natural. However, your wedding plans shouldn’t have to be delayed or made stressful just because of a little paperwork, if you ask me; that’s why I’m proud to offer legal documentation and paperwork support for clients from all around the world while planning their destination weddings in Tuscany.

List of Legal Wedding Documentation You’ll Need for your Wedding in Tuscany 

So, you’ve got your heart set on a blissful wedding in Tuscany (and why wouldn’t you – it’s truly a beautiful region and one that captures the hearts and minds of wedding guests and tourists alike). 

With this in mind, planning your special day in Tuscany could be the perfect solution to celebrate the love shared between you and your partner – but you first need to know about the different documentation and paperwork you need to complete. Fortunately, with this in mind, my friendly team is on hand to help you learn a little more about the documentation you need to enjoy an unforgettable wedding in Tuscany this year.

For the UK 

First of all, let’s consider couples from the United Kingdom. Indeed, thousands of couples from the UK flock to Italy every year to celebrate their marriage – and Tuscany is one of the most highly sought wedding destinations, for sure. But, before you can make the trip across the water, you’ll need to provide several key documents.

The main documents you will need to provide to marry in Italy are a Notice of Marriage and a Nulla Osta document. The Nulla Osta is the Italian equivalent of the UK’s Certificate of No Impediment; you will likely need an Italian translator to help you produce this document.

For America 

If you live in America but have always dreamed of getting married in Italy, then a destination wedding in Tuscany might be the ideal solution for your special day! Fortunately, the process doesn’t need to be too much of a headache; with that being said, you will need to complete a few documents first to ensure your marriage in Italy is legal.

The first document you will need to marry in Tuscany as an American resident is the Nulla Osta, which the American Consulate provides in Italy. You will also need to obtain an Atto Notorio document from the Italian Consulate in the USA (or otherwise, you can obtain this document through an Italian court – although the process may be a little harder work overall). 

To obtain these two documents, you will need to provide a selection of different paperwork and identification documents, including a long-form birth certificate, evidence of any previous divorce or widowing, and your passport (as well as a copy of your partner’s passport). 

For Australia 

Australia is a stunning country in its own right – but if it’s the beauty and wonder of Tuscany that you have always dreamed of for your wedding, you will need to provide a few legal documents to legally marry in Italy. You’ll need to provide both an Atto Notorio (which is obtained from an Italian Embassy or Consulate) and a Nulla Osta document, which you will need to apply for once you reach Italy. To obtain the Nulla Osta, you’ll need to present an original birth certificate, a valid passport, and any evidence of marriage termination. 

For Canada

The process of getting married in Italy is slightly more complex for Canadian residents, but don’t worry; getting support from a professional wedding planner can keep things simple and easy.

Initially, you will need to complete an Affidavit (the Canadian equivalent of a Certificate of No Impediment). Following this point, you will need to present a valid passport and your original birth certificate. You will also need a copy of your official marriage record and (if applicable) your final divorce certificate. Your fiancé should also provide you with a certified copy of their passport too.

Once you have applied to get married in Italy through the Canadian authorities, you’ll then need to apply for a Nulla Osta document, which will be provided upon visiting with an Italian Prefettura office. You will also need to visit the town hall where you wish to marry, ideally four days or longer before your arranged wedding date, to meet with the Notary. If you don’t speak Italian, don’t worry; you’ll just need a professional interpreter to help.

Both parties need to complete the application process separately before you can get married in Tuscany at your dream destination wedding.

Reach Out for Professional Legal Documentation Support Today

You deserve the most magical experience when it comes to your destination wedding in Tuscany – and, with this in mind, I would be proud to help out. Indeed, getting the legal documentation right for your wedding in Italy is critical, but this is often one of the most stressful processes during the wedding planning phase, too. And, as such, it’s naturally critical that you consider whether hiring a professional may offer valuable support for your wedding instead.

So, if you’re at all unsure about completing the legal wedding paperwork for your destination wedding in Tuscany alone, please don’t struggle in silence. I’ll be here to help ensure your wedding goes smoothly throughout, and I’d be happy to offer support for your paperwork as well. Contact me today to discover more about how I can help!

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