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So you are engaged: I am sure you are already thinking about exactly what you want your special day to look like, but how do you make that dream a reality, especially in a different country? In this two-part article we are going to tackle some of your questions about what it is that a wedding planner does. Anyone who has ever planned an event, a vacation, a work project, etc. you know there are the big items and then there are the “behind-the-scenes” items. In this article, we will be focusing on the big things. 

We all look at social media these days. It is simply a feast for the eyes… especially when you “go down the rabbit hole” for wedding planning. Having a planner, located in the area you want to celebrate, is absolutely key. They will be able to take those pictures, inspiration boards and ideas and make them a reality. They will be able to recommend the highest quality vendors, help with accommodations and transportation needs, be your “eyes and ears” on the ground, offer their creative expertise, help keep track of your budget, offer day-of coordination, as well as take care of any miscellaneous things that are sure to pop up. 

Finding a venue

Many of us have an idea of what our fairytale wedding will look like. Whether it is the big, breathtaking villa, the lush Tuscan landscape, or sand beneath your toes, your wedding planner will be the best resource for helping you narrow down all of the stunning opportunities in Tuscany. Your planner should have a list of venues that fit your aesthetic, your group and your pocketbook! This is an invaluable resource, especially if you would like to plan other events in tandem with your celebration, such as a welcome dinner or a day-after brunch. Finding the perfect venue will require some thought, planning and communication, all of which a wedding planner on-the-ground can help with. 

secure vendors

Wedding planners are your best resource for finding your perfect wedding vendors. They will have a tightly curated and vetted list of vendors they have worked with in the past and know the quality to expect. This ensures that you get the best deals from top suppliers in the area. This can be invaluable when you are trying to plan a destination wedding in a different time zone. 

Accommodations & Transportation

Where you and your guests stay is a very big decision and one that requires a good bit of planning and forethought. Do you want everyone to stay together at the same location or do you need several places to house everyone? Will your ceremony be on-site or at another location? A wedding planner will be invaluable for helping to gather options and offer suggestions on how to best fit your wedding vision

Another big (and often overlooked) wedding need is transportation. Whether you are stuck at a train station with no taxi in sight or you need to move a hundred people from one location to another, transportation is key to a ensuring a smooth day. A wedding planner will have a list of reputable companies that offer everything from a simple taxi to a luxury transfer or even buses to make sure everyone gets to where they need to be. 

“Eyes and Ears” on the ground

Some couples are lucky enough to be able to visit Tuscany before their big day. Having a planner that can arrange trips, tours and tastings to narrow down your vendor choices and/or menus will ensure that everything goes smoothly for your event. It is important to have someone that can help advocate for you and really share your overall vision with vendors (in Italian). 

However, many couples that plan a destination wedding in Tuscany don’t actually get the opportunity to visit before their big celebration. That is why it is imperative to have someone you trust, on-site, to be your “eyes and ears”. From sending photos and videos to meeting with vendors and offering opinions in tastings, having an expert in your corner will save you a lot of headache (and possible heartburn). 

Creative Design

We all look to the internet these days for seemingly everything. And it is sooooo easy to “go down the rabbit hole” while looking for wedding ideas and inspiration and become completely overwhelmed. Having someone that can help brainstorm ideas as well as to help narrow your focus is key. When it comes to styling your event, a wedding planner will know which vendors will be the best match for your vision. 

They can also help create an overall design and plan for your events that will carry the look and emotion that you want to convey. An expert that has a good design eye will be able to communicate with the venue, florist, caterer, lighting and music vendors to make sure no detail is overlooked. This is what can make the difference between a truly one-of-a-kind, memorable event to… well… NOT.


Whether it was that cute pair of jeans, checking out your dream car or a fantastic night out with friends, every one of us at one time or another has fallen victim to “sticker shock”. That is the last thing you want to happen when you are planning your destination wedding. A good wedding planner will be able to help you determine your budget and make sure you stay on track. 

In addition, they will let you know what to expect in the way of costs from different vendors and help identify any problems or red flags in your quotes. They will not only keep track of your overall budget, they can help facilitate and manage payments to vendors as well as help to anticipate any last-minute items that you may think of.

Day-of Coordination

Finally, your big day is here and all of your planning is about to pay off! The last thing you need to worry about on your wedding day, is… well, your wedding day. Having someone there that can help manage your timelines will be such a load off your mind. (Trust us!) If there is one day in your life that you should sit back, be pampered and enjoy every moment, it is today. We know it is easier said than done, but having a planner on-site will make everything go so much smoother.

A wedding planner will effortlessly manage the rehearsal, everything on the wedding day and any last-minute items that need to be taken care of. Whether it is upholding your overall vision and keeping all the vendors on time, to making sure that everyone is sticking to the timeline and handling those little last minute SNAFUs, this is what separates a great wedding planner from the rest. Knowing that everything from the ceremony to the last dance is perfectly planned and executed will let you and your partner enjoy every moment. 

The (Not So) Little Things

Venue – check!
Vendors – check!
Accommodations and transportation – check!
Budget and design – check!
You and your planner have accomplished an incredible amount of planning in these few short months. But… there are still a lot of things that need to be considered when planning a destination wedding. 


While you have already picked out your “save-the-dates” and invitations, you still need to work closely with your planner and caterer to lock in a menu and get them printed in time. And while we are talking menus, don’t forget your place cards and the seating chart! (Hint: a seating chart does not travel well, so plan on having it printed and transported by your helpful wedding planner.) 

Welcome Bags and Wedding Favors 

Welcome bags and wedding favors are a wonderful way to thank everyone for making the epic trip to help you celebrate your nuptials. They can be as simple or as fancy as you would like, but it does require a bit of extra planning to make sure everything is perfect. 

The Yada-Yadas…

Ok, so sure there are lots of little things, too. Someone in the wedding party will always need tissues, a safety pin and a sewing kit. But don’t worry… your wedding planner will have you covered. That steamer you wish you had brought with you, odds are the planner can make sure you get it in time.  Need a tissue or mint before you head down the aisle, no problem, your wedding planner has you covered. 

Emotional SupporT

A lot of people do not and would not think of this. But I guarantee you, at least once, you are going to need a shoulder to lean on. Planning a wedding is difficult at best and when you are in a different country, well, things can get overwhelming pretty quick. You are going to need to reach out to someone for assurance everything is going well. It might not seem like a big deal, but it is. 

All those last-minute additions or cancellations to the guest list… don’t worry, it really going to be okay. The extended weather forecast has you worried… we cannot control the weather (yet!) but your planner will have a beautiful “Plan B” in place. We’ve got you covered. Everything is going to be breathtakingly beautiful and unforgettable. You’ve made the right decision and hired a fantastic wedding planner that is going to make sure you have the most memorable day of your life. That’s what we do. We plan weddings.

In closing, his is certainly not a complete list, but we have covered most of the “big-ticket items” that your wedding planner can help with. Planning a wedding can be a huge undertaking, but you don’t have to go it alone. Having a planner located in the area you want to celebrate your nuptials is absolutely key. Let Unique Events in Tuscany help you plan your wedding and ensure that it is everything you have dreamt it could be. And stay tuned for part two of this article on some of the “behind-the-scenes” hats your wedding planner will wear.  

Did we miss something? Think of something that would be a great addition to this article? Have ideas for other articles? Please leave us a comment and we will be back soon!

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