wedding thank you card etiquette

Wedding planning can be a super exciting and super stressful time in every couple’s life. So much information to keep up with, from vendors to venues to guest lists, food allergies… you name it. One area you will want to pay close attention to is the wedding gifts you receive. And equally as important, sending a proper, personalized and punctual thank you note will make the post-honeymoon phase that much easier. Wedding thank you card etiquette is not all that different from a regular thank you note, but there are definitely a few things to keep in mind. 

Send Your Thank You Within Three Months

Conventional wisdom has said that the couple has one year to send a thank you note, but most experts believe this is a bit outdated. Sending a thank you note within three months of receiving the gift is optimal, (and sooner is always better). In today’s world, everything moves at the speed of light, so imagine waiting a year for a thank you note… that seems like an eternity now. Show your friends and family you are truly thankful for their gift and be punctual on sending it out.

Digital Versus Paper Thank You Cards

This is definitely a huge source of contention these days. Digital notes are quick, easy and efficient. They can do the job in a fraction of the amount of time it takes to handwrite and mail notes and you can save a bundle on printing and postage. And let’s not forget that digital notes are certainly more sustainable, especially for the eco-conscious couple. Plus, you can have them match your aesthetic and design perfectly. 

 But… you will often hear people say that digital cards lack the personal touch of receiving a handwritten card in the mail. Yes, they take more time and they cost more because of printing and postage, but some guests (especially those over a certain age) will appreciate the sentiment much more. One solution… opt to have a handful of thank you notes printed on stationary for certain family members and VIPs and opt for the digital route for those who are more entrenched in the digital era. This way, everyone wins!

Be Organized and Double Check Your Gift Log

It pays to be organized. Nowadays there are a million different options to help you keep track of your wedding gifts as they are received. From spreadsheets, to registry databases to entire apps built for keeping track of your wedding gifts, the is no excuse to not get organized early. Make sure you pay close attention that each gift is properly recorded, with each name on the card noted, as well as their return address (if mailed). A spreadsheet or app can help you keep track of everything and you can even note the date you mailed or emailed each thank you. 

Send a Thank you to Everyone

Everyone that sent a wedding gift should be thanked whether or not they were actually in attendance. Often a destination wedding is just not possible for some people, so them sending a wedding gift is their way of expressing their love and well-wishes for you and your future spouse. 

Although there are many schools of thought, we believe sending a thank you note to everyone that attended your dream, destination in Tuscany, is well deserved. We all know that high cost of travel, taking time off from jobs and life to help you celebrate your nuptials in Italy is considered by many, a gift in and of itself. Thank those that were in attendance and make sure you also thank them if they provided a gift, as well. 

Be Personal and Specific in Your Note

We never seem to have enough hours in our days and we are all guilty for looking for shortcuts to help us navigate a bit easier. Some couples are opting for a generic, preprinted thank you note in an effort to save time (and money). However, we believe that the art of letter writing is falling by the wayside as we communicate more and more through texts, emails and video calls. Make sure you thank the gift-giver by name (all the names that were signed to the original card) and make a special mention of the gift. Add a poignant sentence on how you plan to use it or your emotional attachment to the gift and you will make everyone content. 

With so much to keep track of, in terms of everyday life, in addition to planning a wedding, can leave us all feeling a bit frazzled. Do yourself a favor and get organized before the first gift arrives. Keep close track of all the pertinent information (names, address, exact description, or even better yet, a photo) so that you are sure to not miss anyone. Whether you opt for handwritten or digital thank you notes, make sure they are personal and poignant. Your friends and family will be grateful for the thought and effort you put in to each note.

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