wedding photography trend 2025

The art of wedding photography is an ever-evolving landscape, with each passing year bringing forth new trends and innovations and revisiting some old favorites. As we look towards 2025, the wedding photography scene continues to evolve, embracing both timeless traditions and cutting-edge techniques. In this article, we’ll explore the top wedding photography trends that will reshape the way couples capture their special day.

Dramatic Play with Light and Shadows

Creative use of lighting has always been a hallmark of exceptional photography, and in 2025, photographers are taking it to new heights. Playing with dramatic shadows, experimenting with unconventional light sources, and embracing the contrast between light and dark are some of the ways photographers are creating visually stunning and unique images. This trend adds an artistic flair to wedding photography, elevating it to new levels of sophistication.

Capturing Candid Shots Through Artistic Photojournalism

While traditional posed shots will always have their place, couples are increasingly drawn to the authenticity of candid moments captured through the lens of an artistic photojournalist. This trend emphasizes natural, unscripted moments that reflect the genuine emotions and connections between the couple and their loved ones. These images tell a compelling story, providing a timeless and intimate look into the day’s real emotions.

Bold and Vibrant Color Palettes

While timeless black and white imagery will always have its place, 2025 will see a resurgence of bold and vibrant color palettes in wedding photography. Not only are couples moving further away from traditional wedding colors and inviting in vibrant hues, these bright and bold photos lend themselves better to unscripted, candid shots. Photographers are also experimenting with rich and saturated hues to infuse energy and personality into their images. This trend allows couples to break free from traditional color schemes and embrace a more contemporary and eclectic visual style.

Return of Analog/ Film Cameras

Some say wedding photography has come full circle. What once was old is now new, again. Couples are opting to go back to 35mm film by using “analog” cameras. The world is full of images which are filtered, airbrushed touched-up of just plain A.I. generated, so some couples are really enjoying getting back to basics with raw images. While this can be a great way to celebrate your best day ever, most couples opt for an analog package in addition to the digital ones. Better safe than sorry!

Going Old-School/ New School with Instant Camera

With the abundance of powerful smartphone cameras, and the ability to take a hundred shots, just to capture, “the one”, there is no denying that many of us have honed our photography skills a bit, (if we do say so ourselves!). But there are always going to be couples who are willing to push the boundaries of creativity with cutting edge ideas behind the lens. And sometimes, these “emergent ideas” have (unknowingly) been around for years. Yes, couples are now opting for a nostalgic approach by incorporating instant cameras into their wedding day.

Quick Personal Story: Instant cameras are certainly not new. In fact, they date all the way back to the 1940’s. Now, when I got married (a million-billion years ago.. fine, 30 years ago), my uncle secretly followed our photographer (with his trusted Polaroid),  throughout our day. Even back then, I thought it was a bit “old school” but whatevs… Little did we know, all day, as he (not-so quietly) took photos, he was passing them to my aunt, who slyly popped them all in a little album. At the end of the night, we were presented with the album and were able to see all that we had missed throughout the day. We could see the excitement and feel the energy and had an immediate keepsake to share with others until our “print” photos were developed! All this to say, sometimes we have to look to the past in order to push the creative envelope.

In conclusion, as we navigate the wedding photography landscape of 2025, it’s evident that the industry is embracing innovation and a deep appreciation for the art of storytelling. Whether it’s through breathtaking aerial shots, cinematic wedding storytelling, nostalgic film photos, these trends are reshaping the way couples immortalize their special day. The evolving nature of wedding photography ensures that each celebration is a unique and personalized work of art, capturing the essence of love in all its forms.

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