I’m so excited to announce you that Unique Events in Tuscany finally has a logo and a color palette which are so amazing and meaningful for me!

It’s hard for me to delegate tasks to other people, it’s always been! I don’t think I’m excellent on what I do (absolutely not!) but I prefer to get wrong on my own.

When it came to give Unique Events in Tuscany a dress, I had to find someone perfect for this as I’m not a web designer and wanted to give a powerful footprint to my brand.
I came across Nicole Curioni through her website and I immediately felt in love. After the video-call I was sure she was the right one. Same positive attitude, style and accurate attention on her social media – just like me (even though she’s a master!!!).

I asked for something really elegant and fine but minimal at the same time. I really want the pictures of my works to stand out on the website. The smiles and sparkling eyes of my couples are the focus, so the logo needs to be very simple and discreet.
I like the calligraphy fonts, but sometimes they are way too concocted for me risking to be confusing.
Nicole perfectly understood my ideas and the values of Unique Events in Tuscany, don’t you think?

As for the main color, we went for a sage green: delicate, elegant and different from the usual pale pink!
Green always reminds me of Tuscany, with rolling hills and cypresses!

Like any story, we have a fun fact!
I was not sure I wanted a symbol to add to the logo, so I did not mention to Nicole.

In one of the draft she proposes, there were a lotus flower…SBAM! I have a particular interest for lotus because of my passion for yoga and its meaning.
To make a long story short, Unique Events in Tuscany arrived in a very strange, sad and difficult time of my life.
To blossom, the lotus flower must grow through mud and dirty pond water, but it blooms anyway.
And this is my wish for Unique Events in Tuscany!

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