best month to get married in Tuscany

Picking a favorite month to get married in Tuscany is much harder than it seems like it should be. Each month and each season have such beautiful characteristics that make each one seems perfect in its own way! But let’s give it a go…

Winter – January, February, March

Winter can be a chilly time in Tuscany to get married, but don’t let the temperatures stop you from capitalizing on this prime time. Temperatures outside can run approximately 37oF (3oC) to 55oF (13oC), but the temperatures inside are always perfect! An intimate indoor wedding in a stunning villa or even a lemonaia (a greenhouse for overwintering citrus trees) could be the perfect way to celebrate your nuptials.

For those willing to put up with some cooler temperatures, grab a wrap or a jacket and head outside. The stunning vistas of Tuscany are still there, even in the winter. Plus, you may be able to capture some snow-capped peaks in the distance to complete your winter wonderland wedding.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Winter is considered the low-season here and wedding services can be significantly less expensive than the other nine months. Winter-themed weddings are becoming more popular as the interest in the ‘prime’ summer months can make finding availability difficult and expensive. 

Cons: Some villas and wineries close during the low season so make sure your wedding planner checks in with your top picks. It has to rain sometime here in beautiful Tuscany, and that is usually during the cooler months. If you are planning any outdoor celebrations, make sure have a “Plan B” and a little extra flexibility, as the weather can change quick. 

Ideas for Guests

January is the perfect time to visit the world-famous art museums of Florence and avoid the long lines. For those that love to shop, you can also find lots of sales after the holidays.

February and into March, Italians celebrate Carnevale! There are many celebrations around Italy, but Foiano della Chiana hosts Italy’s oldest celebration, dating back to 1539!

In March, the Palio dei Somari, in Torrita di Siena, is fun for the whole family. Come watch this bareback donkey race that will have you on the edge of your seats.

Spring – April, May, June

Spring in Tuscany can be simply perfect. With the daylight hours growing longer each day, the trees and vines bursting forth with flowers and fresh foliage and the lush, green carpets of wheat that seem to go on forever, it is hard to pick a favorite month. Temperatures outside can run approximately 54oF (12oC) to 73oF (23oC) and can be perfect for an outdoor wedding. It is common for the temps to dip down in the evening, so pack a shawl or light jacket. June… is simply bellissimo! With the world waking from its winter slumber, natural beauty abounds in Tuscany. The light is getting its golden hue back and the sunsets are to die for. It is no wonder this is such a favorite time to get married!

Pros and Cons

Pros: April and early may are still considered “shoulder seasons” (meaning not winter rates, but not full summer rates), so planning during this time could take a little pressure off the budget. 

Cons: It is still in April and early May and there is the possibility of a stray shower. 

Things for guests to do

In April, you can visit the beautiful village of San Quirico d’Orcia for the Orcia Wine Festival. 

Pisa hosts a foodies dream in early May called “Food Art Italy”.

In June, the first of the black truffles are coming in and the tiny village of San Miniato hosts a celebration in honor of these beautiful, earthy treasures.

Summer – July, August, September

Summer is by far the most popular time for a destination wedding in Tuscany. The temperatures are soaring, and the chance of rain is very, very low. (But not impossible). Temperatures outside can run approximately 63oF (17oC) to 86oF (30oC) but can reach well above ~100oF (39oC). Make sure you pack accordingly and don’t forget the sunscreen. 

As we move into summer, you will see the wheat fields have dried and turned a dusty amber. The olives trees and grapes vines are heavy with fruit and the ground can be a bit dry. The sunflowers and poppies are bursting into full bloom, making for the iconic landscape you thought only existed online. The “golden hour” is at its absolute peak and the photos from this period are simply stunning. 

Pros and cons

Pros: Weather. Weather. WEATHER! If you like it hot and dry, then this is the perfect time of year. There are endless activities all summer long to keep guests busy and engaged.

Cons: July and August are definitely peak times for weddings, but it is also the time of year when nearly everyone packs up the family, takes a month of vacation and heads to the sea to escape the intense heat. This can make some minor headaches because of closures, but most everyone in the wedding business is still in place and working away!

Things for guests to do

In July, Siena hosts the world-famous Il Palio horse race. For many, it is considered a bucket list, must see event! (There is another one in August if you miss July!)

A quirkier event that happens every August is the Bravio Delle Botti. Eight teams compete to roll heavy wine barrels (in Italian, called botti) up the insanely steep streets of Montepulciano.

September is the big harvest month in Tuscany. Most of the grapes and olives are picked (most by hand) and food festivals are found in nearly every tiny village throughout Tuscany.

AUTUMN in Tuscany – October, November, December

Although October was once considered low season, due to the extended summer temperatures and low chance for rain, it can still be a busy time here for the wedding industry. Temperatures outside in October can run approximately 52oF (11oC) to 72oF (22oC), while November and December are much colder. 

While October can be a bit of a “safer” bet when it comes to planning your autumn-winter wedding, don’t overlook November and December. Through October and November, the leaves are changing color and that includes the incredible variety of hues in the vineyards. They are simply stunning. December is usually much colder, but with all of the beautiful twinkling lights up for the holidays, it can make a stunning backdrop!

Pros and cons

Pros: October is beautiful and the temperatures have finally started to cool off a bit. November can be a beautiful month because of the final touches of colors from the sunflowers and fallen leaves. December can be an enchanted winter wonderland. 

Cons: There is more of a chance for rain the later in the year you get, so make sure you and your planner have a “Plan B”, just in case. It can also be cool for outdoor dinner and dancing for guests, so either warn guests ahead of time to pack accordingly or provide blankets, just in case. 

Things for guests to do

October and November are the perfect months if you are a foodie. The first tastings of this year’s olive oil is pressed and ready for tasting, the chestnuts and hazelnuts are harvested and available at street vendors and the pastry shops are exploding with seasonal delicacies. 

December: The holiday decorations and the German-style holiday markets are a must see.

While there is no “bad” time to plan your destination wedding in Tuscany, some months may take a little more consideration than others. But, if you are willing to be flexible in you planning, you can save a lot by considering some of the low or “shoulder” months. And just a note on things for your guests to do, Italy is synonymous with good food and good wine. Nearly every weekend, every week of the year, you can find a foodie festival no more than 30 minutes from where you are staying, it may take a little web sleuthing, but you will not be disappointed! 

We hope that you enjoyed this article and learned something new. Drop us a comment if we missed something or you have an idea for future blogs! 

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