If a Romantic Wedding in Tuscany hit you in the feels, well, you are in the right place! I’m sucker for twinkling lights, hanging candles and all the enchanting vibes!

Creating a romantic wedding in Tuscany involves so much more than just decor: the music, attire, and even the food all help to convey that enchanting mood you’ve been dreaming of.

To help you plan, here are seven romantic wedding ideas that are sure to leave you and your guests feeling like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale:

  • Fairy lights everywhere
  • Romantic sweetheart table
  • Woodland-inspired details
  • Candles, candles, candles
  • Long-sleeve wedding dresses
  • Live ceremony music
  • Dreamy getaway car

Ph. Andrea Fabbrini

Fairy Lights Everywhere

Romantic Wedding in Tuscany

lighting romantic wedding in tuscany

Fairy lights, which are sometimes called string lights, are the perfect touch to any ceremony or reception space. We love how these little glowing bulbs create an essence of wonder and magic.

There are many ways you can incorporate lights into your wedding decor. For an elaborate look, consider seeing if your venue can drop lights from the ceiling or your ceremony space. If you want a more subtle twinkle you can add a few lights to your ceremony arch or backdrop for the perfect touch of twinkle! A must have, are fairy lights during the reception. Recreating a sky full of stars, during dinner and the party, it gives a magical touch and a enchanted atmosphere! Even outdoor during the summer time having twinkling lights is so beautiful.

Romantic sweetheart table

Romantic Wedding in Tuscany

I love sweetheart tables! Not only are they super romantic and stylish, but a sweet heart table allows you and your partner to have a bit of intimacy on your wedding night. You have all night to party with your friends! Take this time to enjoy the first meal as newlyweds!

Woodland-inspired details

Romantic Wedding in Tuscany

There are a few words that come to mind when we think about romantic wedding ideas: fairy tale, enchanting, charming, delightful. If you want decor that’s straight out of a storybook, woodland details are the way to go!

You can go big with large instillations, or keep it simple with small touches of pine or wooden name place cards.

You can even transform your reception space into an enchanted garden with trees flowing from the tables and dramatic uplighting washing over the room. 

CandLEs, candLEs, candLEs

Romantic Wedding in Tuscany

We’re all about setting a mood with candles and dim lighting.

Candles add ambience and atmosphere to the wedding ceremony and the reception. They are a budget way of adding elegant decoration and romance to your venue, as well as creating a soulful atmosphere. 

Candles have different meanings in different religions, but for most, candles at wedding ceremonies represent hope and the light of love. Some brides and grooms insist on their guests who are close to them holding candles during parts of the ceremony to represent the fact that they are ”guide posts” in their new married life. 

If you place candles at the centre of the tables, not only do they add decoration but they also act as lights when the sun sets. It creates a beautiful atmosphere and stunning photos. Furthermore, you can get lanterns and put them along pathways.

Planning tip! First thing’s first: Make sure your venue allows candles. If they don’t – not to worry – there are lots of non-flame candle options available these days!

Long-sleeve wedding dresses

Romantic Wedding in Tuscany

It’s very hard to find a girl, who didn’t dream about being a princess in childhood. And many girls continue to dream about that even if they are already grown-ups. A wedding is one of those rare occasions when this dream may turn into reality. By wearing a princess wedding gown, you will feel like a princess from Disney cartoons and it’s an unforgettable experience.

The long-sleeved ball gown wedding dresses have an incredible royal charm. If you get married in fall or winter, need to hide the arms or are simply fond of dresses with sleeves, you definitely need to have a gown with long sleeves.

The dresses with lace or illusion sleeves look very feminine and romantic. They are greatly combined with lace bodice of high- or V-neckline and any type of a skirt. Also, if you want to have some interesting detail, opt for a gown with a low back.

A long-sleeve wedding dress doesn’t have to just be for fall and winter weddings (even though it’s the obvious choice). Tip: Some dresses will have remove-able sleeves or arm cuffs, if you want a mix of both styles!

Live ceremony music

Romantic Wedding in Tuscany

And for truly atmospheric, almost overwhelmingly romantic ceremony music? Make your choice of musicians and have them play live. You can’t put a price on the feelings that their music will heighten. Whether it reduces your groom to happy tears as he sees you step down the aisle, whether it gives you your fairytale, film-worthy moment, or has your grandad reaching for the tissues, choosing the perfect live wedding ceremony music is a must.

From traditional pianists and violinists to harpists, the options for live wedding ceremony music abounds. If you want an emotive but gentle soundtrack to your aisle moment, choosing one of these will work beautifully – it simply depends on whether you prefer the tinkling tunes of keys or strings. When you plan to play each song also makes a difference, so make sure you know what to play and when to play it.

For a similarly fairytale-esque option but with a fuller sound, enlist the help of a string quartet to play for you. Formed of two violins, a viola and a cellist, this is one of the most romantic sounds you could listen to.

Dreamy getaway car

Romantic Wedding in Tuscany

When we think classic romance and wedding movies—we think of the couple riding off into the night in a dreamy getaway car. There’s just something about snuggling together in the car at the end of your wedding night (or after your ceremony) that’s oh-so-sweet!

While decor for your wedding getaway car probably isn’t too high on your priority list – if you are looking to create a celebratory exit, it’s a really cute way to get the romance started. It’s also a lovely way for family and friends to get involved or the perfect way for bridesmaids, best men or family members out there to surprise the happy couple on the Big Day and send them off on a hi