vow renewal in Tuscany

Whether you have been married 5, 25 or 50 years, you are never too young or old to renew your vows to your beloved partner, and Tuscany is the perfect place to do it. Let me explain how in this post.

The marriage ceremony is one of the most intimate of all celebrations. It is an opportunity to stand before your betrothed, family and friends, regardless of your beliefs, and tell the world just how committed you are to your partner, your relationship and your life together. But let’s be honest for a moment. Not everyone has the perfect wedding. Maybe you eloped and missed a big, boisterous event. Maybe you got married on a shoe-string budget, but now you have the means to really celebrate. Or maybe you have weathered a rough patch and are ready to recommit your vows. No matter the situation – it is always the perfect time to renew your vows. Here we will outline some of the things to keep in mind for your planning.

Will you be needing a wedding planner on the ground?

Now a days, most people work at least 40 hours a work, have children and pets and other activities that require a lot of time, not to mention the general upkeep and chores of the house, who has time or energy to plan their own vow renewal? 

When it comes to planning your vow renewal, it is really not all that much different than planning a wedding. After all, many people that choose to renew their vows in Italy are making up for the wedding they didn’t have the first time around. Having a wedding planner “on the ground”, in Tuscany, who can help you plan your perfect event and effectively communicate with all the vendors is priceless! Of course, one of the first things you will need to do is to identify and set a budget. This crucial step will help guide you through the planning process and allow us to help match you with the perfect purveyors.

Important Vendors to consider if You are planning 6 or 60 Guests

Unique Events in Tuscany has a huge network of extraordinary, reliable and hardworking vendors that have been vetted over the years for the utmost professionalism and service. They run the gamut of styles as well as price points, allowing us to help guide you to the best of the best. Let someone help take the burden off your shoulders and allow us to put together your dream celebration.

Photographer/ Videographer

Since you have come all the way to Tuscany with your nearest and dearest to renew your vows, then odds are you will want to have the day captured for posterity. Choosing a photographer and videographer that match your aesthetic and style will be a wonderful start. Some couples are more drawn to the very dramatic style that looks like it just came off the cover of Vogue or Elle, while others are more relaxed and much more interested in relaxed, natural and candid shots. Or maybe you want something in between or perhaps even both! No matter what you have in mind, our vetted list of artists that will be able to help capture this amazing day for you in the exact style you prefer. 

Catering Needs

Let’s be honest, in addition to the breathtaking landscape, most people choose to come to Italy for the amazing food and spectacular wines! Choosing the right caterer for your event will go a long way to making this day even more special. For centuries, breaking bread with family and friends has been a way to reconnect and strength bonds. For those that have likely traveled hundreds, if not thousands of miles to join you for this momentous occasion, this opportunity should be celebrated to its fullest. A traditional Italian meal consist of multiple courses and can take several hours from start to finish. In this way, you are not rushed, you can relax and enjoy each other’s company and toasting to continued health, happiness and good fortune.

Musicians/ DJs/ Audio

Nowadays there are many options for adding a little (or a lot of) music to your special day. Whether you enlist the services of classically trained musicians, a fun and funky DJ or even just create a playlist of songs on your phone, music is something that can set the tone of any event. No matter your style and taste, music is a bonding experience for all those within earshot. From the classic “Moon River” to the 1960’s hit sing-along by Neil Diamond, “Sweet Caroline” or something fresh off the charts of today – the music you choose will definitely set the tone and mood for the whole celebration and should not be left as an afterthought. 

The venue sets the tone for the entire event

The venue is one of the most important decisions you will make for your vows renewal in Tuscany, because often this is where everything will take place – from the ceremony and apertivo to the dinner and dance party! You will want to make sure that the venue you choose has enough room for you and your guests to comfortably stay as well as has different options for all your celebration needs. Whether you want a small, intimate villa or a borgo to host you and 100 of your favorite people, you will want to make sure it is comfortable with different options for ceremony and party locations and that it still fits within your budget. Of course, this is not always easy on the other side of the world, when you don’t speak Italian. Let Unique Events in Tuscany help you find the perfect location for your renewal.


In Italy, there are no legal implications to renewing your vows, but that does not mean you should just “wing it”. While some of us are lucky enough to have a great friend or family member that is happy to provide this service, it can quickly be overwhelming to all parties involved. We are really fortunate here in Tuscany to have a great variety of celebrants to choose from. These professionals are here to make sure you have the ceremony you have always dreamt of. From the writing of the ceremony to incorporating different readings, rituals and music, sometimes it is easier to let your guests kick back and relax and let someone else do the “heavy lifting”.  

Flowers & Florists

Flowers can tell a story. They can be showy and opulent – maybe you are finally in a position to have the flowers of your dreams! They can be elegant and understated – maybe just one or two kinds of simple flowers. They can be symbolic and meaningful – maybe something from your grandmother’s garden or even a nod to something in your mother’s bouquet. No matter the story you would like your flowers to tell, we have access to some of the best florists in all of Tuscany that can help make your dream and vision a reality. 

APERTIVO, Reception & Party

Now that you have successfully renewed your vow, it is time to relax and celebrate! Depending on how many guests that will be joining you for this joyous event, will determine what the rest of your celebration looks like. Most couples, we have found, choose to have a post-ceremony apertivo, followed by a nice, long Italian dinner. Maybe a traditional Italian wedding cake and of course, a bit of craziness on the dance floor is a must! 

This is your celebration and it should reflect who you two are and who you have both become. It should scream from the top of the nearest mountain the essence of you both. There is a lot to consider when you are planning any kind of event, let alone, such an important event likely hundreds (or thousands) of miles from home. Have fun, relax and let Unique Events in Tuscany make your dream vow renewal come true.

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