Planning events with emotions and empathy

Unique Events in Tuscany‘s philosophy is to create and nurture positive relationships with couples.
We are humans first, then business partners.

Trust is an essential part of any long-term relationship. As I’m going to plan the most important day of your life my goal is to set the foundation for our interactions. I’d like you to feel comfortable enough to be open about your goals, feedback and vision. Trust that I will do everything to the best of my ability.

I want to make sure your event in Tuscany is everything you imagined and more. I am an expert at creatively combining all aspects of a destination event and make sure it reflects your unique wishes and personality.

I pay attention to creating a wedding that could only be uniquely yours!

My aim is to plan your event getting to know what is important for you focusing on emotions and empathy

Genuinity, uniqueness and free time for you.

This is what I promise and what I’ll deliver.

Since I was born in Tuscany and know each little hidden corner of it I realized that I could do more than just plan events.

My idea is to take care of all the aspects of your trip from the first moment you step foot in Italy till your last gelato at the airport

A wedding in Tuscany comes with an excuse to visit Italy and its beauty. I find that you and your guests have an enormous opportunity to experience the place to its best.

Walking tours through small and precious hamlets, wine tastings and dinners in exclusive and authentic restaurants and wineries. All of this and much more directly from my personal experience.

Let me show you the real soul of Tuscany.

Let’s dream big together!