outdoor activities for wedding guests in Tuscany

While it is entirely possible to plan for your wedding guests an itinerary solely around the pursuit of food and wine, in doing so, you would be missing some incredible and iconic opportunities during your visit to Tuscany. Join us as we explore some activities designed to get you outside, feel the wind in your hair, and even learn a little something along the way. 

Take a hike, literally

Tuscany is covered in hiking trails that are perfect for the novice up to the advanced trekker. Getting out and into nature can be a fantastic way to really connect with the land here in Italy. From exploring different ecological habitats, to seeing lots of new flora and fauna, to taking in the breathtaking Tuscan countryside, there is a hike that is perfect for you!

Perhaps the most famous hike of all is the Franciscan Trail. Named for Saint Francis of Assisi, the trail covers some of Tuscany and Umbria’s most breathtaking vistas. This stunning and historic trek joins and intertwines many of the most important towns, churches, and basilicas that were significant in the famous monk’s life. For avid hikers, this is an absolute must! You can even plan a short trek and pack a picnic or visit a winery along the way. 

Nurture your mind, body and soul with Yoga 

Looking to start the journey or deepen your understanding of the art of yoga? It is important to keep your body, mind and emotions in balance and harmony, no matter your geographic location. Luckily, yoga is a unique activity that doesn’t require a lot of equipment and can be done just about anywhere. Many hotels, resorts and private villas or borgos offer yoga, but might require a little communication in advance. However, if you are looking for a more immersive experience, Tuscany has many spots for a yoga retreats. Here you can find bucolic destinations, away from the hustle and bustle of normal life and the big cities. Many offer general fitness centers, while others specialize in yoga, meditation or even artistic creativity classes. No matter your pleasure or passion, Tuscany offers something for everyone.

Feel the wind in your hair

Are you looking for something a little more daring to get your heart pounding and adrenaline pumping? Whether you choose two or four wheels, we can guarantee a unique adventure awaits. 


Cycling is a very serous sport around here. After all, the world turns it’s eyes towards Italy every May as the Giro d’Italia winds its way across this beautiful country. However, you certainly don’t need to be a professional to get out and enjoy a ride through the winding hills and valleys of Tuscany. In recent years, many bicycle rental shops have popped up, capturing some of the exuberate cycling energy. Whether you are looking to push yourself to the limits or just want a lazy ride on an e-bike, there are certainly no shortage of opportunities. 


Looking to stick with two wheels but would rather zip across the countryside without the effort? Then renting an iconic Vespa is the perfect answer for you and your group. Vespas are a great way to get out, feel the wind in your hair and cover maximum distance. Many rental shops will deliver your Vespas right to your door, take care of the gas and pick them up at the end of the day. All you have to worry about is which coffee shop or gelato stand to stop at next.

Quads or ATVs

Maybe you are thinking of something a little more daring. In that case maybe you should rent quads! Quads (otherwise know as four-wheel drive vehicles, off-road vehicles, ORVs, ATVs, etc.) offer a great way to get out and off the beaten path. (This is a favorite among groomsmen for pre-wedding bonding activities.) Quad companies will offer drop off and pick up service at your door and many are happy to organize half- or full-day tours, often including tastings, picnics or more formal meals. No matter what you have in mind, companies can organize just about anything you can imagine. 

vintage or high performance cars

Italy is known for a lot of different things: Great food, superb wines, stunning landscape… and some of the world’s most sought-after cars! Whether you decide to go with a vintage model or are looking to tour in something to make your heart (and wallet) leap, opportunities abound here in Tuscany. Some of the more sought-after vintage rides include the classic Fiat 500s, old Citroens and even VW buses and Alfa Romeo Spiders. While the hot new and supremely coveted cars produced here in Italy include Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and more. No matter your preference or budget, tooling around the countryside in your dream car is a must for avid collectors.

Get Your head in the Clouds on a hot air balloon Flight

Sometimes we just need an altitude adjustment to see things from a different perspective. What better way to admire the gorgeous landscape of Tuscany than on an unforgettable hot air balloon flight? See for miles in every direction as you soar high above the ground. Whether you opt to float over the Val d’Orcia or ValdiChiana valleys, admiring the tiny towns that dot the horizon or choose to admire the Renaissance architecture of Florence from a new vantage point, this activity is sure to be one to remember.

Relax at a spa or thermal bath

Nothing says relaxation like a day at the spa. Italy has some of the world’s best spas where you can go and pamper yourself for the day. What a lot of people don’t know is that Tuscany is FULL of thermal springs (or “terme”, in Italian). These ancient hot springs dot the landscape and date back thousands of years. You can opt for a luxurious spa or wellness center, where you can take advantage of a myriad of pampering options, or, for those of you that are a bit more outdoorsy, there are lots of free “terme”, where you can simply pull off the road and hike in!  

Enjoy a Round of golf

Looking to get outside, get a little fresh air and partake in your favorite leisurely sport… why not hit the links? Golfing is becoming a popular pastime here in Italy and the courses are truly breathtaking. You can find courses along the coast, in the heart of wine country, nestled in the mountains and every point in-between. Many offer lots of amenities including top-rated restaurants with extensive wine cellars. In addition, many offer pools, spas or natural hot springs. So even if members of your group do not play, most clubs offer a little something for everyone.

Underground Tuscany

Tuscany is known for the iconic vineyards, olive groves, Cypress and poppies. But most of us have never stopped to think about what is under our feet. There is a fantastic world hidden in plain sight. Italy (and especially Tuscany) has a rich natural history of underground natural caves, grottos, natural springs, aging wine caves or cellars and even Etruscan ruins. Looking for something to do that is a little outside the ordinary? Why not treat yourself to an awe-inspiring day and head underground. Plus, during the hottest days of summer, it is a great way to get out and beat the heat!

Take in some beautiful parks and gardens

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the most impact. All over Tuscany, you will find hidden gems of tranquil beauty in the form of lush parks and formal gardens. Whether you are searching for outdoor spaces that celebrate the natural splendor of the Tuscan landscape or have your heart set on exploring some of the botanical wonders preserved in time, at some of the many Renaissance gardens, you will not be disappointed. Many parks and gardens welcome hikers, artists, photographers, picnickers and pets, but please check in advance before setting out, as you’ll want to be sure to mind their rules.

In conclusion, Tuscany is a vast and geographically diverse land, that is waiting for you discovery. Whether your interests take you to the depths of the subterranean world, adventures by foot or on wheels or high up in the clouds, there is something for everyone. Your guests can find a multitude of activities that can be folded into your itinerary that will make their perfect wedding holiday even more memorable. Come see what Tuscany has to offer!

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