midweek destination wedding

A destination wedding is a great way to celebrate your special day in a unique and memorable way, while most couples opt for a weekend wedding, there are many advantages for having a weekday wedding that you may not have considered. Not only can it save you money, but it can also provide a more relaxing time for you and your guests and allow more flexibility with your wedding planner. Here are ten reasons to consider having a destination wedding on a weekday. 

1. Less stressful

A weekday wedding can be the perfect option for couples that are looking for a less stressful way to plan their perfect nuptials. In general, due to greater availability of amazing venues and vendors, and often for a lot less than weekend dates, it makes for easier planning.

2. Midweek Travel Can be Less Hectic

Let’s face it, international travel can always be a hectic affair. Why not make it a bit easier on yourself and book a midweek? Traditionally Monday through Wednesday are the least crowded days in international airports. Not only does it mean you could save a on travel costs, but taking some of the stress out of international travel can be priceless for some. 

3.Get Married Sooner

This is a huge plus that a lot of couples don’t even consider. Since many venues and vendors are booked 18-24 months in advance, especially during the peak wedding times and on weekends, a weekday wedding will allow you to move up your wedding day. There will be less competition with other weddings and often vendors will even offer a midweek discount!

4. Easier on the Wedding Budget

One of the biggest perks of planning a midweek wedding is that it usually means that vendors and venues are significantly less expensive. This will allow you to consider a whole different selection of vendors, that originally may have seemed a bit outside of your budget. Your destination wedding in Tuscany should not be about cutting corners, but about making your dream wedding a reality.

5. Carry Your Event Into the Weekend

Most of us don’t need a reason to extend our vacations, but a midweek wedding could mean more time with your friends and family. A midweek wedding is the perfect opportunity to carry the wedding festivities over into the weekend. This will ensure your guests that have traveled so far have a lovely and relaxing holiday while maximizing quality time together. 

6. Travel and Lodging are Less Expensive to Book

If you are planning a destination wedding, then odds are you have friends and family joining you from every corner of the globe. A midweek wedding can help you both save a bundle by traveling midweek, too! Generally, hotels and rental agencies offer midweek discounts since most of their business happens on the weekend. This can help you and your group either save a bit on your overall travel budget or help you spring for a truly once-in-a-lifetime stay at an exclusive retreat.

7. Vacation Time With Fewer Crowds

Because many of your guests will be visiting Italy from afar, and often for the first time, odds are they will want a little time to explore on their own. A midweek wedding will allow them to take some time to do some sightseeing to take in all the sights, smells and tastes of this amazing country. And being midweek, you can be guaranteed that the there will be fewer crowds, providing a more intimate experience for you and your guests.

8. Can Pick a Special or Monumental Date

One of the first things couples consider is their wedding date. While some still consider a weekend wedding a must, a weekday wedding can allow you to have fun and pick a date that means something special. Maybe it is the anniversary of the day you met or got engaged, or maybe it coincides with a special holiday or numerical sequence. A midweek wedding suddenly makes a lot of things possible.

9. Securing Your Dream Venue Can Be Quick and Easy 

Lots of exclusive venues are full to overflowing (sometimes years in advance) during the prime spring to fall weekends. This leaves them actively looking for midweek events to help keep staff employed as much as possible, as well as help contribute to the upkeep of these historic villas and borgos. Most venues will jump at the chance to lock in a midweek wedding, making the entire process quick and easy.  

10. Shorter Work Week

With the hectic pace of life in the digital age, many of us are looking for an excuse to use that saved up vacation time! Your guests just might love the opportunity to cash in a few extra days and celebrate your wedding. Plus, it may afford them a few more days to relax and take in the beautiful sights of Tuscany. 

And there you have it! Ten great reasons to consider a midweek wedding. Whether you need to trim your budget, want to take out a little of the stress or opt for that dream wedding you never thought possible, a midweek destination wedding in Tuscany could be the perfect solution. If you are thinking about planning your dream destination wedding in Tuscany, then please contact Unique Events in Tuscany so that we can help you begin to make your midweek dream a reality. 

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