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I wrote this article to help you find the best solution to arrange your engagement and propose in Tuscany. The rolling hills of the countryside are the perfect location for your wedding proposal. From simple and spontaneous to elaborately orchestrated – you can plan the perfect proposal. I have collected some of my favorite proposal ideas to share with you! 


For the outdoorsy couple that loves nature and being outside, a proposal in the Tuscan countryside just may be the perfect spot. Here are three of our favorite ideas for a memorable proposal in nature.


A picnic in the heart of the Tuscan landscape can a memorable location to propose. There are no shortage of breathtaking vistas and we can help you with the perfect location and planning.  This quiet and ‘laidback scene’ is perfect for couples that are spontaneous and outdoorsy. 

Imagine, driving through the beautiful countryside and casually coming to a stop at a scenic overlook. You suggest a ‘spontaneous’ stroll through the vineyard or olive grove or maybe suggest a great photo op you read about online. Casually, you wind your way around to a special spot that has been all set up with a picnic and a great bottle of wine. The rest is up to you!


If you are planning on traveling to Tuscany in early summer, the perfect backdrop for your proposal may be in a field of sunflowers. These cheery yellow flowers are associated with positivity, strength and loyalty. What better way to plan your wedding proposal than being surrounded by these happy, yellow sentinels? 

Why not leave the driving to a professional and hire a car and driver for the day. I can arrange for the driver to know of the “perfect” sunflower field for photos only to show up and have the scene all set for you. Whether a rustic bistro set or a picnic blanket with all the trimmings, this idea is definitely one of my favorites!


The Tuscan landscape is dotted by many dreamy and romantic gardens. Regardless of your vision, there are plenty of gardens to match your style and aesthetic. From gardens that are wildly chaotic and bursting with colorful flowers to the meticulously manicured grounds of Italian estates, reminiscent of bygone eras, I can help you find your perfect proposal location.  

Envision a table and chairs set up under a pergola covered in climbing roses with a picnic set up. Or maybe next to a fountain amongst precisely trimmed boxwoods and ancient lemon trees. There is a bottle of wine chilling and to celebrate you engagement and a photographer ready to capture it all. This is the perfect option for flower-lovers of all kinds and can make for a colorful and magical proposal. 

Arranged Proposal at a Villa or Winery


Turn the classic, romantic dinner proposal into something extraordinary by popping the question in a historic villa in Tuscany. There are countless locations ranging from rustic farmhouse or 5-star luxury. Tuscany has something to fit every aesthetic and budget. (And wouldn’t it be fun to bring your friends and family back for a destination wedding?)

We can help arrange a private dinner in a tucked away corner, where you two can relax and enjoy the evening. Surrounded by candles or fairy lights, overlooking the hills of Tuscany, will make for a magical and memorable scene. We love arranging these special dinners and can help match you with a wide range of options to make your proposal perfect.


There are so many amazing vineyards and wineries woven into this beautiful landscape that make the perfect spot for a magical spot proposal. Some opt to be outside in the vineyard, at a scenic spot overlooking the rolling hills and valleys. While others find the cozy barrel room or cellar the perfect spot. The beauty is, there is no wrong place to propose.

Why not arrange a private wine tasting at a charming location, it doesn’t get more Italian than that! A terrace covered in fairy lights or a romantic nook lit by candlelight is the quintessential Tuscany proposal experience. After all, your future is like a fine wine… which will only get better with age.


If you and your partner like to live on the edge (and are not afraid of heights!) think of proposing in a hot air balloon. Seeing Tuscany from the sky is in itself a magical and memorable notion. With the rolling hills, vineyards and olive groves stretched out before you, the world will be at your feet. Literally!

Picture you and your partner  drifting over the beautiful Tuscan countryside. While they are taking in the view, you can get down on one knee and (carefully) pull out the ring. For more “Wow factor!”, you can also have a team on the ground rolling out a banner asking, “Will you marry me?”. The sky is the limit!

In closing, there are so many memorable ideas for the perfect proposal in Tuscany and you are only limited by your imagination!  Planning and orchestrating a proposal can be challenging if you are only visiting Tuscany for a few days. Having someone on the ground, familiar with the area and able to make sure everything is in place is priceless. Whether it’s organizing a driver for the day, a photographer on site to capture the moment, or a picnic in nature, let Unique Event in Tuscany help you plan your perfect wedding proposal!

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