Once upon a time, weddings were attended by everyone in the family, old friends, employees, and anyone else you wanted. This has shifted in favor of intimate weddings in recent years. Studies suggest couples are choosing to get married later and with fewer guests in comparison with the past. Even micro weddings have become popular – they are small weddings with up to 50 guests.

Is the thought of holding your wedding reception for 200 of your “nearest and dearest” overwhelming? If you’re thinking about eloping, that’s not the only way to avoid crowds. Instead, do a much smaller wedding with all the fixings. We’re talking about ten guests, 20 maximum (your truly nearest and dearest), and all of the other details that will make your event uniquely yours: invitations, dinner, the wedding dress, the cake, any other special details.

By reducing the event size to an intimate size, you will be able to make great memories with every guest and will love where your money goes. It isn’t just about reducing the number of guests, however. It involves changes to the plans, additional details to think about, and (hooray!) a proportionately larger budget.

Why Planning an Intimate Wedding In Tuscany?

Couples who desire an intimate wedding often look for the perfect venue. An informal ceremony and relaxed atmosphere are very important to them. It is possible to just enjoy time with your family and friends when you have a small wedding in Tuscany. The couples within this environment are seeking a place that is peaceful, magical, and has a beautiful view. Their guests require a full range of amenities. An outdoor swimming pool would be a wonderful addition to a barbecue – Guests will not be disappointed with activities that will make their vacation unforgettable!

Tuscany is known throughout the world as one of the most enchanting regions in Italy to get married. Due to its rolling hills, vineyards, cypress trees, and olive groves, Tuscany offers fabulous landscapes. A picture-perfect atmosphere surrounds you wherever you go! There’s a reason why Florence, San Giminiano, Siena, and the Val d’Orcia have all been designated Unesco World Heritage sites. There’s also lovely food and wonderful people! The countryside of Tuscany is the perfect place for an intimate, small wedding.

5 Important Steps To Plan An Intimate Wedding

Following are the things that you must consider when planning an intimate wedding in Tuscany.

1. Prepare The Guest List Carefully 

One of the most important aspects of planning a wedding is who to invite. If you’re planning an intimate wedding, this means your nearest and dearest, which can make it easier to decide. Try to decide on a number that you feel comfortable with as a couple, and then work towards it. In general, a small wedding will have around 50 guests – 25 on each side. Think about extending this invitation to close colleagues or just individuals, and whether you want to include ‘plus ones’ or just individuals. Be consistent, so there won’t be a disagreement!

Think about whether you want to include guests at the evening reception or if it is better to keep your wedding party small and exclusive without the added distraction of new guests. As a final consideration, think about how you will invite non-invited friends and family members. The challenge of organizing a small wedding is managing others’ expectations.

2. Plan Your Wedding Budget

If you’re looking to manage your wedding budget, determine how much you’ll have to spend and where you’ll get the funds (savings, family, etc.). It is possible to work within the constraints of your finances once you understand them. You can use this information, along with your guest list, to determine the cost per head. Knowing this information will help you choose a venue.

3. Personalize everything You Can

Finished with the most difficult part. Now comes the fun part! With a small wedding, you can place more emphasis on the details and spend less on the overall budget. Make your guests feel special by giving them a personal welcome gift and/or favor. Get creative here, and you may even want to go outside the box.

We suggest the following ideas for interactive elements: welcome bags, entertainment, babysitting for the kids, etc. Your guests will feel appreciated and special if you make them feel special and appreciate them rather than making your event large and cookie-cutter.”

4. Plan Extra Events

Your people will make you happy when you spend time with them if you really love them! Intimate weddings provide the opportunity to plan events in the days leading up to and following the event. Along with the rehearsal dinner, you may want to entertain guests with welcome parties, brunches, spa trips, wine tastings, hikes, or a group dip in the ocean. (However, if you plan around COVID-19 restrictions, be sure to check with your local authorities about openings, closures, and gatherings.)

5. Remember What Matters

Let your people know how much you love them. In the end, it’s really about love here, and we’re just happy to love it. Breathe in and out during these moments. You are celebrating your beautiful relationship with your family and friends. Despite anything that may come your way, you are always together.

Bonus Tip: Hire A Professional

On the day of your wedding, you should be concerned about all the arrangements as it will be your day of celebration. This is a day when you should be celebrating the special occasion with your friends and family. So, the best option is to hire a professional to manage all the arrangements on the day of your wedding. In this case, you can make your day really special by focusing on your friends and family. 

Planning an intimate wedding in Tuscany is not just about the venue and the photographs. It’s about making each detail a part of your unforgettable day. I manage an established Company that offers Intimate Wedding Planner services in Tuscany, Italy. I guarantee you the best. Experience a Perfect Day with us along the road, from your first Phone Call until the last second of your wedding. Don’t wait too long and contact me today for a real intimate wedding in Tuscany!

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