Planning a wedding during the pandemic of the COVID-19 is not ideal, I know. Should you cancel, postpone or keep the date you planned? Here below some tips.

Canceling – wedding during the pandemic

Take a deep breath and leave the stress behind! The world has stopped for few months but it is about getting better again. Canceling your wedding in Tuscany you’ll give up on your dream and it would be so sad.

On top of that, speaking about maths, all the companies are offering credits for next year instead of a reafund. It means a big loss for your finances.

Postponing – wedding during the pandemic

Probably the “easiest” decision to make. If you dream about a classical wedding, with no masks and lot’s of hugs and kisses, you should postpone your wedding in Tuscany. The pandemic brought lot’s of uncertainties along with it, and it’s really hard for us wedding planners to predict when finally we could avoid masks and gloves. Social distancing it’s hard to maintain during a party and for many couples is a price too high to pay on their wedding day.

Managing the process could be overwhelming, I suggest to hire a local planner so that she/he can do all of the leg work. Keeping a positive mindset is another good tip! The wedding is not over, it is just postponed. When you feel sad about it, just think about the Olympics!

If you are not hiring a planner, you should take all the contract and touch base with all the vendors. Before confirming, make sure all the suppliers are available on the new date and ask for the updated contract.

Keeping the same date – wedding during the pandemic

If you are getting married in Tuscany next September, October or November, I’ll suggest you to wait a little bit more as from June the 3rd there won’t be travel banns to/from Italy and in few months probably we’ll be able to celebrate again.

A pro tip, is to book an alternative date later in 2020 or in 2021 so that all your suppliers can hold the date and worst case scenario you can easily move the wedding in few calls.

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