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Predicting fashion trends can always be a bit tricky, and with the current level of uncertainty in the world post-pandemic, it makes it ever trickier. But after combining through nearly every corner of the internet, making some calls and visiting top shops, we have found our top 11 wedding attire trends for 2024

Bridal attire

1. Bride’s Dress

During the pandemic, many, if not most of us were stuck at home for long stretches. Sweats, scrubs, and pajamas were quickly adopted over our normal office/ work fashion. As a result, we really began to prioritize comfort over just about everything else.  This has finally carried over into the wedding industry, as well. Designers are finally embracing the idea that it IS possible to have a breathtakingly beautiful bridal gown that is comfortable!

2. Simplicity Will Reign Supreme

Thanks to the big fashion houses out there, we have a really solid idea of the 2024 wedding trends for the bride and we think you are going to like our predictions. Most dresses will air on the side of simplicity. We expect a lot of beautiful dresses in classic silhouettes, without a lot of beading and bedazzling.  Clean, simple, and elegant will be at the forefront in the bridal fashion trends for the 2024 season.

3. Let’s “Sleeve” It At This

We predict sleeves will be making a comeback in 2024. We are seeing a lot of sleeves in lots of different styles. From long and sleek to ¾ length and cute cap sleeves, they are definitely making a comeback. Usually, the season and weather determine the sleeve length but because they can be made full fabric or light and airy with embroidery. Really, the choice is yours.

4. High Necklines

The neckline trends of 2024 are leaning towards “more is more”. We are seeing lots of higher-neck designs than in previous years and love where this style is headed. It is flattering on small or big bustlines and is great because you never have to worry about “the girls popping out” when you get carried away on the dance floor. Haha

5. Boho Style Coming Around Again

The bohemian look that personified the 1970’s is making a comeback. We have found brides either love or hate the style. Regardless of which way you lean, you can expect to see plenty of this style trending in 2024. For this reincarnation of the Boho dress, anticipate simple eco-fabrics with lots of lace and embroidery, as well as ample (bell) sleeves.  

6. Eco-Friendly Fabrics

We are predicting the 2024 wedding dress trend towards sustainable fashion will continue and that we are only at the beginning. We know what you are thinking… no, you will not be donning a potato sack on your wedding day if you opt for environmentally-minded dress designers. In actuality, sustainable or eco-friendly fabrics have come a LONG way. The most popular materials used these days include silk, cotton, linen, hemp, charmeuse, and even recycled polyester fabrics. In addition, there are options for organically grown natural fibers, “peace silks” and fabrics produced under the fair-trade umbrella. No matter the fabric style you are drawn towards, odds are there is an eco-friendly version available for you!

7. Separates

A really fun trend we are following for 2024 is wedding attire separates. Yes, think a separate top and bottom, but that is just the start! Brides are loving this trend! By adding accoutrements such as a bolero or cape or maybe even a fun overskirt, brides are able to achieve a completely different look for each part of their celebrations. By adding and subtracting the different pieces and parts, it can change the entire look and feel of the wedding dress.  And… it will be much easier on the pocketbook than an entire separate dress.

8. the Minidress

The Covid pandemic has taught us a lot about ourselves. The two biggest lessons are to be comfortable in your own skin and own your individual style. This newly found individuality is driving the minidress trend for 2024. Some brides will always want their long, traditional wedding gowns for their ceremony and change into their minidress for the party and some brides will arrive at the alter in their minidresses, ready to go. There is no wrong or right way to rock your minidress, so we say, do what feels right!

Bridesmaid’s Attire

Most of us at some point in our lives have been a Bridesmaid or a Maid of Honor for a near and dear friend. And most of us ended up spending way more than we wanted to, for said dress, that has only ever seen the light of day on the day of their wedding. We are happy to say, these days a long gone! 

9. Mix -and Match Dresses

The last few years we have seen bridesmaids wearing different styles of dresses in the same hue. Each person picks out a style of dress they like, that flatters their figure and hopefully is something that they would be able to wear again. This is such a wonderful trend that we expect to keep going. We are all a little more stretched for cash, maybe in slightly different shape post-lockdown and probably have a different style in mind these days. Allowing your bridesmaids some flexibility when it comes to their bridal attire will go a long way to making sure everyone is happy and comfortable for your big day. After all, you will have the full support of your besties on your big day and they are there to support you, wearing something they love and had a say in picking out.

Palettes for the Bridal Party

Looking ahead to the color trends for 2024 weddings, we love what we are seeing! Not only are the mix and match styles continuing to reign supreme but with an added twist. We can expect the colors to expand, including different shades in the same color as well as to include seasonal palettes. 

10. Monochrome Palettes

If, for example, you choose purple as your bridesmaid’s colors, think about opting for different shades – everything from a dusky lavender to a deep burgundy or plum. Or if you choose green, consider dusky olive to sage to emerald to deep ocean green. If it helps, imagine looking at paint swatches at the hardware store… somehow, they all work together. 

11. Polychrome Palettes

Taking it a step further, we are seeing bridesmaid dresses together in seasonal palettes

Spring palettes are soft pastels, rich in pinks, soft golds, peaches, and very light greens. Summer palettes arrive with some bolder colors like bright watermelon and poppy, purples, and aqua and teal blues. Fall ushers in the earth tones, rusty oranges and browns, golden yellows, and deep greens. Winter palettes are for the boldest of colors like deep blues and navy, reds and maroons, greys and silvers and evergreens. 

Groom & Groomsmen Trends

            Let’s not forget about the guys! Check out are article on the 2024 wedding trends for grooms and groomsmen.

In conclusion, we predict that 2024 will be an absolutely amazing wedding season. With the overarching themes of sustainability as well as comfort, we cannot wait to see the new designs that will be debuting soon. We have shared our predictions with you about the brides attire, from eco-friendly fabrics and sleeves to boho and separates. In addition, we put out our predicted trends for bridesmaids – including different styles and color combinations. We look forward to seeing your posts and photos for the 2024 wedding season!

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How do you think we did with our 2024 wedding predictions? Were we spot or are we way off base? Did we forget a big trend? Please leave a not in the comment so we can add it to this article!

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