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Let’s face it… wedding aesthetics evolve and change over time. You only need to look as far as your parent’s or grandparent’s wedding photos to see how times have changed. It seems that brides these days are trying to make sure their wedding stands out in minds of their guests. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by adding splashes of RED into the traditional black and white wedding. 

Cultural and Religious Significance of Red 

Red is viewed as a “power color” for many, but it can also take on a different meaning when viewed through a cultural lens. For centuries, Chinese brides have worn red to their wedding ceremonies to ensure luck in marriage, and to bless their union with love, happiness, health, and energy. Also, because red is so sacred in Chinese cultures, the ceremony and reception spaces are usually awash in red flowers, lanterns, and fabrics in red and gold. Even gifts are traditionally wrapped in red!

In India, red also has rich and meaningful symbolism, especially in religious ceremonies. This auspicious color signifies new beginnings, passion and of course, prosperity. It also represents the Hindu goddess Durga, who symbolizes feminine power and new beginnings.

Historically, red wedding dresses have been around for hundreds of years. They had a prominent place in Viking and Greek culture and in the United States, the Hopi Indians continues to wear red to signify their connection to the land. 

Ready to Wed in Red

A quick web search will find pages and pages of red wedding gowns. From lace and satin to chiffon and taffeta, there are no shortage of bold color choices. Some brides will jump in and commit to a floor length gown with a long train in the brightest crimson they can find. Other brides may want a touch of color. For example, adding a red sash or belt, a pair of crimson heals, ruby flowers in their hair, cherry-red jewelry or even scarlet lipstick will make a memorable addition to your big day.

The Bridal Party

Another way to add a pop of red to your celebration is via your bridal party. There are so many options for bridesmaid dresses in every color under the sun, but opting for a ruby, crimson or poppy red just may be perfect for your big day. The groomsmen (and groom) can also wear red ties and pocket squares to further tie the theme together. 

Folly of red Flowers

One of the quickest and easiest ways to add a pop of color to your wedding day is by the addition of red flowers. Whether you opt for red flowers for your bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, or centerpieces, this will definitely elicit “ooooos and ahhhhhs” from guests. Everyone is familiar with red roses, but there are so many other incredible options to ponder. Consider anemones, ranunculus, carnations, anthuriums, scabiosas, tulips… just to get you started on your journey. Your florist will be able to recommend flowers that will be in season for your wedding and make the entire planning process that much easier. 

Table Settings & Linens

Adding red flowers or even red vases for your table center pieces is a quick and easy way to add a pop of color. Another great option for pulling in the scarlet vibe is through your linens and table settings. Having tablecloths, runners or napkins in a red hue will certainly make a bold statement for your tables. Other ideas include using red on your menus, crimson drinking glasses or even a simple red flower by each plate. 

Rethinking Rings

Another big tradition being bucked by couples these days is the traditional diamond engagement or wedding band. With so much controversy around the ethical practices of mining, many couples are opting for a lab created stone, a colorful semi-precious gemstone (collected ethically) or even heirloom stones. Rubies, garnet, tourmaline, beryl and jasper are fun, unique and colorful ways to bring in that red power color and make your wedding just a little different from the “norm”. 

Whether you decide to opt for a little (or a lot) of crimson at your wedding is a big, bold decision. You may celebrating your cultural heritage, religion preference or for no reason at all. This is YOUR special day and it should reflect you and your partner totally and completely. No one else. You may get some push back for your avantgarde decision, but when your guests see how perfectly everything ties together, there will be noting but cheers. 

How died we do? What are your thoughts on red wedding options? Do you have a favorite red theme? Please let us know posting a comment below!

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