2024 wedding ideas

While 2024 may feel like a lifetime away, trust me, it will be here before you know it! We have been busy analyzing the top wedding trends and ideas for 2024 and we want to share our findings. While some trends are fairly clear and predictable, we found a few that are sure to be eye-openers and something that will really “WOW” your guests.


This one should be on everyone’s mind these days and for good reason. The trends for 2024 definitely skew more towards the “green industry”. There are a lot of very simple ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding to help the environment. Selecting invitations printed on recycled paper or even electronic stationary is a great place to start! When planning your floral design, ask for options on local, seasonal flowers and greenery. When it is time to go dress shopping, look for options in natural fabrics, such a silk , linen and cotton.

Destination weddings

I think we can all agree that the world is a very different place, post-pandemic. After being cooped up at home, we are all ready to travel a bit more. We expect this trend to continue to grow with time. As we all try to figure out what the “new normal” looks like, we expect couples as well as their guests to get more comfortable with traveling longer distances. This will really open up the market even more for destination weddings, especially Italy, as it seems to be a top choice for lots of couples.

Rustic Colors & Motifs

We have already begun to see a shift towards more natural and rustic motifs and expect this trend to continue well into 2024. We are seeing lots of beautiful wood tables, simple and classic glass and ceramic flower vases and the incorporation of lots of natural elements. These themes, highlighted with a rustic color palette are sure to be featured all over your social media threads in the near future.

Floral Design

As we have already mentioned, sustainability will play a huge part in wedding trends in 2024 and beyond. The floral market will definitely highlight these themes as more and more couples look to choose local, seasonal flowers as well as to incorporate dried flowers into their designs. Reducing your carbon footprint by selecting flowers that are available in your backyard rather than flown in from the other side of the world.

Lots of Greenery

The use of lots of different types of natural greenery will continue to be a huge trend in 2024. Foliage is simple, abundant, cost effective and comes in every possible shape and color, making it the perfect addition to any design. This ties in perfectly with the sustainability and rustic motifs trends we expect to see.

Some Bold Colors on the Horizon

While researching wedding trends for 2024, there were some bold colors that kept appearing again and again. Deep purple is definitely going to be the top color of the season! In addition, there is a strong showing for maroon as well as icy and dusky blues. From stationary to floral design to bridesmaid dresses and ties/ pocket squares, we predict these to be the hot color trends for the 2024 wedding season.

Two big trends we predict for 2024 include the bride’s attire. While the traditional wedding dress will always be the “go-to” for the most wedding, minidresses are picking up steam.  Whether you opt for a minidress for your entire day, or something fun to put on for the afterparty we guarantee this trend will only become more popular.

Trendy Separates

Another trend that we are predicting for the 2024 wedding season are bridal separates. The styles still run the gambit from sleek and sexy to big and bold. Separates will allow brides to mix and match tops and bottoms to create a custom look for every part of the day – from the ceremony and cocktail party to dinner and dance party! This 2024 trend will definitely make your style unforgettable.

Bridesmaids Dresses Continue to Evolve

We have all pretty much been in the situation of being a bridesmaid and being asked to buy and wear something that you would classify as ‘the last dress you would ever pick out for yourself. Ever.’ (Or is it just me?) Well, in the name of sustainability, we have seen the advent of the mix-n-match bridesmaid dresses in all the same hue.

In 2024, we predict that trend to go one step further. Expect to see bridesmaids in dressed of different designs and in seasonal palettes – so think spring, summer, fall and winter colors. Offering this kind of fashion flexibility will ensure that you have the palette you want and your besties get dresses they will cherish and actually wear after your big day.

Natural Fabrics for Your Day

A wedding trend of 2024 that we are predicting is a big change in preferred fabrics for both couples and attendees: a return to natural fabrics. Think lots of flowing silks, light and breathable linen and custom cottons. Don’t worry, these are not the stiff and starchy fabrics your mom and grandmother grew up with. Textiles and fabrics have seen so much innovation over the last 20 years, odds are you won’t even recognize these sustainable options unless you specifically hunt them down.  Not only will they be lighter on your pocketbook, they will help you keep your cool no matter the temperature of the day.

These are our top 2024 wedding trends and ideas. We have covered nearly every aspect of your big day – from hot stationary and floral trends to color palettes and dress ideas. Sustainability and environmental responsibility play a huge roll in all of our futures, and your wedding day should be no different. It is some of the simplest ideas that make the biggest impact. If you need help planning your 2024 wedding, elopement or vow renewal, please reach out to Unique Events in Tuscany and let us make your day perfectly splendid.

How did we do? Did we miss any possible trends? If you have a top wedding trend or idea fore 2024 that you would like us to add, please leave it in the comments below!

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